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I'm Fabian, a webdeveloper, adventurer, entrepreneur and digital nomad, born in Vienna, Austria. Since 2006 I am collecting experience in webdevelopement, worked for several years in various agencies before I decided to work indepently as a freelancer. In summer 2014 I launched my first own startup project - Where My Nomads At. Since then I put my focus on building my own products and follow my own ideas on how to make money with my passion. In the past years I did a lot of sports and adventure stuff, like hiking four weeks through the Alps of Austria, participating in ultraruns like the North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail, taking part in the basic course of the Austrian Special Operation Forces or planing to swim down the Danube river about 165 kilometers.

Curriculum Vitae



Position: Junior Webdeveloper

Responsibilities: Software developement, project management

Aquired Skills: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (ExtJS), HTML, CSS, leading small software teams, talking and presenting in front of a large, international team


Knallgrau New Media Solutions GmbH - knallgrau.at

Position: Webdeveloper

Responsibilities: Software developement

Aquired Skills: Helma, JavaScript, SCRUM, working in big teams with big clients


Studies: Techn. mathematics - TU Vienna

Aquired Skills: logical and abstract thinking, scientific research, languages: C and Java, algorithmn and data structures, encryption theory


Neuherz + Partner GmbH

Position: Senior Webdeveloper

Responsibilities: Software developement, customer management, project management

Aquired Skills: Typo3 extension developement, Symfony2. Working in big, international teams with big clients, customer management.

since 2012

Fabian Bartsch - Web-Developement

Position: CEO & Webdeveloper

Responsibilities: Business management, software developement, customer management, project management

Aquired Skills: Symfony2, jQuery, bootstrap.js and many more. Usage of external resources, timemanagement, customer management, business management, accounting


Inscouts - Individual Scouting Solutions - inscouts.com

Position: CTO

Responsibilities: Software developement, project management, team management, strategy & planning

Aquired Skills: Planning the architecture of large Symfony2 applications, insights into startup business, git + github, Elasticsearch, Sharded mysql clusters


Where My Nomads At - where-my-nomads.at

Position: CEO & CTO

Responsibilities: Software developement, strategy & planning, marketing, customer communications

Aquired Skills: Building a startup with the "lean startup method" in about 4 weeks, rapid prototyping with Symfony2 + MySQL, customer management, social media marketing, security


Support Camp - support-camp.io

Position: CTO

Responsibilities: Software developement, strategy & planning, team management, customer support

Aquired Skills: Lean Startup, time management, working with a team in different timezones


On my blog, I write about webdevelopement, my adventures and my personal thoughts.


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Company Name: Fabian Bartsch - Web-Development
Industry: Services in automatic data processing and information technology
Fabian Bartsch
Street: Bachgasse 29/9
ZIP / Location: 1160 Vienna
Country: Austria

Mobile: 00436764289392
E-mail: contact@fabianbartsch.net
URL: http://www.fabianbartsch.net

Authority: Municipality of Vienna - MA63
Applicable commercial or professional regulations:
Trade Regulation - http://www.ris.bka.gv.at/

Job Title: Webdeveloper
VAT number: ATU67237867
Founding year: 2012

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